Rutter’s Automotive Service is a team of highly skilled technicians who are committed to always putting people first by being honest, knowledgeable and understanding. We will use our 12 Points of Culture as a road map to ensure that everyone who associates with Rutter’s Automotive Service will benefit greatly both professionally and personally.

Rutter’s Automotive is in the business of helping people by resolving their vehicle and equipment repair needs timely and accurately . We will work with like minded business in our area to form a network of partners that will be beneficial to my clients. We are dedicated to continued education and embrace all current and emerging technologies. We will work to educate our clients so they can better understand their options and make the best decisions based on available information.

Our services and products will be of the highest quality possible. We are committed to delivering the highest value in vehicle and equipment repair.

Rutter’s Automotive Service clients are people who desire forging a long term relationship with their vehicle and equipment repair provider. Their commitment will allow us to provide them with the high quality service they deserve. Our clients will be forward thinking and proactive about their vehicle and equipment requirements. They understand that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

Rutter’s Automotive Service will exceed customer expectation by always putting people before machines and making every effort to foster a long term relationship. We understand that every vehicle or piece of equipment is used by a person.