Mobile Crane Services

Fleet managers, are you sure your fleet is DOT and OSHA compliant?  Are you tired of over priced slow acting fleet service companies?  Frustrated with taking your equipment all over town to get it fixed and getting it back in worse shape?  RMCS is the solution.  RMCS is your one stop shop for all your fleet inspection, maintenance and repair needs.

With 20 years experience with vehicle and equipment repair, our ASE technicians and certified inspectors will not only repair your vehicles and equipment in a prompt and professional manner, we can ensure DOT and OSHA compliance.

RMCS is based on a menu structure.  That means YOU pick the services that are right for your fleet.  If you have technicians in place for maintenance and repair needs, RMCS can perform your annual inspections to ensure DOT and OSHA compliance.  If you do not have technicians in place for maintenance and repair issues RMCS has the experience to handle all your needs from inspections thru maintenance to major repairs or upgrades.

RMCS strives to provide the highest quality repairs possible.  We understand that every hour your equipment is not in service it is loosing money, we use factory parts or aftermarket parts of original equipment quality.  We also have a full line of synthetic oils and lubricants upon request.

DOT annual chassis inspections starting at $100.00
Mobile Crane Inspections starting at $500.00

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